The Resplendent Traveller

In the 13th century, explorer Marco Polo described Sri Lanka as “La più bella isola delle sue dimensioni in tutto il mondo” – the finest island of its size in all the world. 8 UNESCO world heritage sites, mountainous tea country, spectacular wildlife, epic food, and breathtaking coastlines combine to form a tapestry, filled with intriguing characters that bring the story of today’s Sri Lanka to life.

The Resplendent Traveller, part of the family owned Dilmah Ceylon Tea Company, specialises in tailor-made, off-the-beaten-path travel experiences that take you on a journey of discovery through Sri Lanka's breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage. We design authentic experiences that immerse travellers in Sri Lanka's culture and traditions; they leave craving to return.


Known as Ceylon until 1972, Sri Lanka means Resplendent Island. Just off the southern tip of India, our island is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and home to 20 million people.

Blessed with astonishingly beautiful and diverse landscapes, every part of the island reveals a totally different experience, with fascinating variations in climate, wildlife, culture and cuisine. Famously hospitable, Sri Lankans are natural hosts, warmly welcoming visitors and proudly sharing the abundant natural treasures of their island.


We seek to inspire global travellers to explore Sri Lanka with curated stays, purposefully crafted to allow moments to be fully immersed in all that our island has to offer. Programs are crafted by a dedicated, resourceful team inspired by meaningful travel.

Our Curators

Naturalists, Rangers, Guides, Chefs & chauffeurs

Our team comprises a selected group of passionate individuals dedicated to curating meaningful journeys.

Our naturalists and rangers are highly skilled, interpreting abundant nature and wildlife to deliver a fascinating narrative, making each of our outdoor excursions a distinct and wholesome experience.

The chefs at our resorts are dynamic and gifted, each bearing a unique sense of inspiration and food philosophy, contributing to one-of-a-kind nourishment.

Safety of travel throughout the island is of the utmost importance and our selected team of chauffeurs are responsible professionals.


The Merrill J. Fernando Foundation was formed to fulfil our Founder’s desire to make his business a matter of human service. One of the region’s largest private charitable Foundations, it focuses on directly, efficiently and effectively delivering transformational impact to less fortunate communities, differently abled children and youth, while empowering women, youth and men with dignity through free education, vocational training, entrepreneurship, nutrition, provision of medical infrastructure. It also cares for the elderly and fosters advocacy.

A minimum 15% of the pre-tax profits of all our companies funds the work of the Foundation.


Dilmah Conservation began its work in 2007 as an important element in the Fernando family’s commitment to making our business a matter of human service. It was by then so clearly evident that human welfare and the environment were inextricably and critically intertwined. We operate the first private sector climate research station.